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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14 - Update

Dear Parents,

We have had a successful start to the year 2015. The students have returned excited, enthusiastic, engaged and ready to learn.

Students are reviewing and familiarizing themselves with multiplication and division facts.  They are working on multiplying large numbers (100s and 1,000s) looking for patterns in their problem solving.  They are also learning to use different strategies to solve word problems ie: working backwards to find the solution.

We will be starting Literature Circles within the next week.  Students will be grouped and focused on analyzing the different text features of the book they are reading.

Your student is also learning that Legos are not just for play but to learn.  We are focused on science and engineering as they learn about the different types of gears and how they “mesh” together to make an object move.  They are also are learning how weight controls velocity.  During Tech Time your student has been building a “puff mobile” in which they must construct a vehicle that will go the furthest distance by just a puff of air.  Here again they are learning about weight distribution and aerodynamics.  Their creativity is definitely helping them to think about the possible designs to develop the automobiles of the future.

Within the next month we will begin the study of the California Regions and Missions.  Students will begin to research their projects looking at it from the eye of an architect and developer.  They will create drawings, a 3D model and provide information to persuade other students why they should visit their selected mission.  They will create a power point presentation and/or a visual display to convince others why they should visit their historical mission with an emphasis on the specific California Region in which their mission was built.  Parents will be invited to view the presentations.

Upcoming happenings and events:

January 12th – February 6th   Playground Coin Drive
January 19th                           No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 20th                           Blueberry Twist Lunch and Benefit Dinner
January 27th                           Windsync Contemporary Musical Group Performance Field Trip
February 13th                         No School – Lincoln’s Birthday
February 16th  20th             No School – Mid Year Break