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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Class Speeches

Secretary of the Treasury

Attorney General

Chief of Staff

Secretary of Commerce

Vice President 


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

Monday, October 31, 2016
7:30 am - Kyla H.
12:20 pm - Yas S.
12:40 pm - Lyric J.
1:00 pm - Sierra H.
1:20 pm - Tykea J.
3:40 pm - Isabella M.
4:00 pm - Kayla G.
4:20 pm - Sophia H.
4:40 pm - Amelia H. and Brooke J.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
7:30 am - Colton T.
12:20 pm - Kaylie S.
2:20 pm - Nolan G.
2:40 pm - Miami A.
3:00 pm - Dylan B.
3:40 pm - Adam M.
4:00 pm - Kolbee D.
4:40 pm - Jackson A.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
7:30 am - Brendan W.
1:00 pm - Keana R.
3:40 pm - Kyra Y.
4:00 pm - Sir Marius J.
4:20 pm - Grace P.
4:40 pm - Ethan C.

Thursday, November 3, 2016
7:30am - Aubrey P.
12:20 pm - Makena I.

Friday, November 4, 2016
7:30 am - Cyris L.
12:20 pm - Grace N.
1:20 pm - Jake S.
1:40 pm - Taryn S.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Room Hotel Intent To Run

The students of Room Hotel have made their decision on what elected office they are going to run for. Those decision are as follows. Please check the assignment sheet for details on their campaign requirements.

President                  Vice President            Attorney General     Chief of Staff
Taryn S.                    Brooke J.                   Keana R.                   Dylan B.
Miami A.                  Sierra H.                    Adam M.                  Sophia H.
Lyric J.                      Kyla H.                     Nolan G.                   Amelia H.
Brendan W.               Kyra Y.                     Yas S.                        Grace N.
Makena I.                  Kolbee D.                 Jackson A.
Isabella M.
Jacob S.

Secretary of the Treasury                      Secretary of Commerce
Kaylie S.                                               Colton T.
Kayla G.                                               Aubrey P.
Cyris L.                                                Sir Marius J.
Ethan C.
Tykea J.
Grace P.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unit 2 Review

Here are some videos that will help you as we finish up Unit 2. These would be good for review.

What graphs are good for?

What are Bar Graphs?

Histograms vs. Bar Graphs

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range "MMMR Rap"

Bar Graphs by Me

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Class Offices

Elected Positions

President – This student is the class leader. This student will be responsible for helping with important tasks around the classroom. This student will also be important for when we have guest teachers and subs. The job will require that they show guest around and help them with class rules and procedures. Finally, this student will run any votes we might have in the classroom as they become necessary.

Vice President – This student is second in command. They will assist the President with the job as described above. They will also fill in when the President is not in class or at school.

Chief of Staff – These two students are the classroom assistants. Their main job description is to help with different things that have come up in the classroom. This might include stuffing Monday Folders, grading, or passing back papers for mailboxes and cubbies. These students play a major role in the day to day operation in the classroom.

Attorney General – This student or students is responsible for distributing the consequences or fines for those students who have broken a class rule. This student must be fair and respectful.

Secretary of the Treasury – One student will be in charge of the class money. They will be responsible for pay students on payday as well as collecting fines for students that have broken a class rule. This student should have good counting skills and be responsible and trustworthy.

Secretary of Commerce – This job will be the responsibility of one student. They will manage the class store this includes ordering and stocking the merchandise. This student must have good math skills and be able to create an inventory that is respectful to all the students in class.

Non-Elected Positions

Secretary of Health and Human Services – This job will require two students to be in charge of the playground equipment. Students will be responsible for checking in and checking out the equipment. This jobs has a possible salary of twenty dollars a week.

Ambassador of Trade – This job will be the responsibility of two to three students. They will be in charge of checking books in and out of the class library and making sure students take reading quizzes. They will also be responsible for make sure the class library is neat and organized. This job has a possible salary of thirty-five dollars.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – This job will require two students to make sure the classroom is neat and organized before students go home. They will be in charge of classroom pick up at the end of the day. This job will have a possible salary of twenty dollars a week.

Secretary of State – This student is in charge of keeping the teacher’s state of mind in good shape. They will be in charge of keeping time, reminders and what ever else is need to keep the teacher going. This job has a possible salary of thirty dollars a week.

Secretary of Homeland Security – These three students will be in charge of the line. They will make sure that students follow the proper school rules when walking around the school. This has a possible salary of thirty-five dollars a week.

Press Secretary – These two students will be in charge of taking pictures during class events. They will also create flyers and posters for things around class. This job has a possible salary of twenty dollars a week with possible bonus later in the year.

Secretary of the Interior – These two students are responsible for the in-class technology. The possible salary for this job is thirty dollars a week.

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) – This job will require students to take the recycling down when needed. This job has a salary of twenty dollars a week.

Secretary of Education – These two to three students will help with setting up project and different educational tasks around the classroom. This job will require a lot of work and therefore will have a possible salary of fifty dollars a week.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

High Sierra Day Three

Here are the last of the pictures from our awesome trip to High Sierra Outdoor Institute. We had a great trip and really enjoyed the experience.

Click here to view the Day 3 Pictures

Thursday, April 14, 2016

High Sierra Day Two

Well it has been a very long day. We started with a nice French Toast breakfast and went right into our first learning experience of the day. The students learned about the ear canal while simulating a deer hearing a predator. The students then broke off into their hiking groups for their different classes. Without giving everything away I will let the pictures and the students speak for themselves when they return. We had a fantastic Mexican themed dinner and then headed to campfire for songs, skits, thoughts, and of course s'mores. Everyone is doing great including the parent chaperones who have been working very hard.

We should be returning around 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. I will keep the office notified about our progress. Remember someone will need to check out the students from either myself, Mr. Phillips, or one of the office staff upon our return.

View the Day 2 Album Here

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day One High Sierra

We have made it and had a great day. We got here and had a very informative Orientation Hike followed by a delicious pizza lunch. We then took a nice hike and learned about our 5 senses. Next we had some free time and visited the canteen to fill up on snacks. The students were then challenged with a few puzzles that they needed to complete as a group. It was nice to see the teamwork come together to solve these puzzles and challenges. We wrapped up the day with a fantastic pasta dinner and a night nike. The students participated in a really cool experiment using life savers. They are currently getting ready for bed and getting ready for a busy day again tomorrow.

View the entire album here.