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Sunday, April 17, 2016

High Sierra Day Three

Here are the last of the pictures from our awesome trip to High Sierra Outdoor Institute. We had a great trip and really enjoyed the experience.

Click here to view the Day 3 Pictures

Thursday, April 14, 2016

High Sierra Day Two

Well it has been a very long day. We started with a nice French Toast breakfast and went right into our first learning experience of the day. The students learned about the ear canal while simulating a deer hearing a predator. The students then broke off into their hiking groups for their different classes. Without giving everything away I will let the pictures and the students speak for themselves when they return. We had a fantastic Mexican themed dinner and then headed to campfire for songs, skits, thoughts, and of course s'mores. Everyone is doing great including the parent chaperones who have been working very hard.

We should be returning around 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. I will keep the office notified about our progress. Remember someone will need to check out the students from either myself, Mr. Phillips, or one of the office staff upon our return.

View the Day 2 Album Here

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day One High Sierra

We have made it and had a great day. We got here and had a very informative Orientation Hike followed by a delicious pizza lunch. We then took a nice hike and learned about our 5 senses. Next we had some free time and visited the canteen to fill up on snacks. The students were then challenged with a few puzzles that they needed to complete as a group. It was nice to see the teamwork come together to solve these puzzles and challenges. We wrapped up the day with a fantastic pasta dinner and a night nike. The students participated in a really cool experiment using life savers. They are currently getting ready for bed and getting ready for a busy day again tomorrow.

View the entire album here.