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Recommended Reading List

Fifth Grade / Sixth Grade

Author – Title

Alexander – Gypsy Rizka

Coville – The Monsters of Morley Manor

Curtis – Bud, Not Buddy

Duane – So You Want To Be a Wizard

Gantos – Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Hesse – Out of the Dust

Ibbotson – Dial-A-Ghost

Janes – Shoebag

Jimenez – The Circuit

Jennings – Uncanny!

Levine – Ella Enchanted

Fourth Grade / Fifth Grade

Author – Title

Avi – Poppy

Bellairs – The House with the Clock in its Walls

Clements – The Janitor’s Boy

Cooper – The Boggart

Coville – Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher

Cushman – The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

Dahl – Matilda

DiCamillo – Because of Winn Dixie

Eager – Half Magic

Fitzhugh – Harriet the Spy

Fleischman – The Whipping Boy

Freedman – The Wright Brothers

Hesse – Witness

Hobbs – Far North

Holman – Slake’s Limbo

Jones – Mistakes That Worked

Kindl – Owl in Love

Lake - Lowriders

Lowry – The Giver

Mazer – Boy at War

Masoff – Oh Yuck! The Encyclopedia of

  Everything Nasty

McKinley – The Blue Sword

Nixon – Other Side of Dark

Peet – Bill Peet

Philbrick – Freak the Mighty

Pierce – Alanna

Salkeld – Mystery of Everest

Salisbury – Jungle Dogs

Sleator – Interstellar Pig

Spinelli – Crash

Taylor – Sniper

Wolff – Bat-6

Third Grade / Fourth Grade

Author – Title

Bond – A Bear Called Paddington

Brooks – Freddy the Detective

Bulla – The Chalk Box Kid

Bunting – Nasty, Stinky Sneakers

Catling – The Chocolate Touch

D’Aulaire – Greek Myths

Danzinger – Amber Brown is Not A Crayon

Dear – The Starving Time: A Dear America Book

Dorris – Morning Girl

Earle – Dive! My Adventures In the Deep


Gardiner – Stone Fox

Greene – Owen Foote, Moneyman

Hale – The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse: A Chet

            Gecko Mystery

Hesse – Sable

Hill – The Year of Miss Agnes

Huynh – The Land That I Lost

Korman – Nose Pickers From Outer Space

Koystal – Trail By Ice: The Photobiography Of Sir

   Ernest Shackleton

MacDonald – Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Patterson – Koko’s Kitten

Pilkey – Ricky Ricotta’s Giant Robot

Pinkwater – The Magic Pretzel: The Werewolf

        Club Book 1

Polacco – Pink and Say

Sciezska – The Stinky Cheese Man and Other

     Fairly Stupid Tales

Shreve – The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates

Soto – The Skirt

Stewart – The Journey

Wilbur – The Pig in the Spigot

Second Grade / Third Grade

Author – Title

Adler – Cam Jansen

Adler – Young Cam Jansen

Aylesworth – The Gingerbread Man

Birdseye – A Kids’ Guide to Building Forts

Blashfield – The California Gold Rush

Bloom – Wolf!

Brown – Arthur’s Tooth

Burnard – Pork and Beef’s Great Adventure

DePaola – Strega Nona

Earle – Hello Fish! Visiting the Coral Reef

George – How to talk to Your Dog

George – How to talk to Your Cat

Greenburg – Slugs

Grossman – My Little Sister Ate One Hare

Heide – Oh, Grow Up! Poems to Help you

Survive Parents, Chores, School, and

Other Afflictions

Keller – A Picture Book of Helen Keller

Marshall – George and Martha

Mason – Lu & Clancy’s Secret Codes

Maynard – Amazing Animal Babies

Lobel Frog & Toad are Friends

Parrish – Amelia Bedelia

Patterson – Koko’s Kitten

Pilkey – Dogzilla and Kat Kong

Proimos – The Many Adventures of Johnny


Rathman – Officer Buckle and Gloria

Schaefer – This is the Sunflower

Sharmat – Nate the Great

Soto – The Cat’s Meow

Steig – Doctor DeSoto

Stevens – Tops and Bottoms

Stevenson – heat Wave at Mud Flat

Wattenburg – Henny-Penny

Wood – Heckedy Peg

Wyler – Magic Secrets

Yolen – Commander Toad

First Grade / Second Grade

Author – Title

Bofill – Jack and the Beanstalk

Brett – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Bridwell – Clifford the Big Red Dog

Carver – George Washington Carver

Capucilli – Biscuit Goes to School

Cerf – Riddles and More Riddles

Cole – Ready, Set, Read… and Laugh!

Cronin – Click Clack Moo – Cows that Type

DePaola – The Cloud Book

Emberly – Ed Emberly’s Big Red Drawing Book

Fox – Tough Boris

Gibbons – Behold! The Dragons

Gibbons – Fire! Fire!

Gibbons – My Soccer Book

Gibbons – My Baseball Book

Gibbons – Pirates: Robbers of the High Seas

Gibbons – Yippee-Yay! A Book About Cowboys

     and Cowgirls

Goodman – What Do You Do at the Zoo?

Jenkins – A Nest Full of Eggs

Little – Emma’s Magic Winter

Lum – What? Cried Granny!: An Almost Bedtime


Maestro – What Do You Hear When Cows Sing?

     And Other Silly Riddles

Miranda – to Market, To Market

Murphy – Elevator Magic

Numeroff – Monster Munchies

Parker – High in the Sky

Pfeffer – What’s It Like to be a Fish?

Schwartz – In A dark, Dark Room

Shaw – Sheep in a Jeep

Slobodkina – Caps for Sale

Steiner – Look-Alikes Jr.

Stoeke – Minerva Louise at School

Thomas – Good night, Good Knight

Van Leeuwen – Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother


Wood – The Napping House

Wyler – Spooky Tricks

Zimmerman – Trashy Town

Kindergarten / First Grade

Author – Title

Browne – Willy The Wimp

Brunhoff – The Story of Babar

Buck – Sid and Sam

Cannon – Stellaluna

Capucilli – Biscuit’s New Trick

Cohen – How Many Fish?

Davis – The Enormous Potato

Duvoisin – Petunia

Feiffer – Bark George

Gag – Millions of Cats

Hall – Kitty Riddles

Henkes – Julius the Baby of the World

Hoban – Bedtime for Francis

Karlin – I See you Saw

Lester – Hooway for Wodney Wat

Lionni – Frederick

Lobel – Frog and Toad are Friends

London – Froggy Gets Dressed

Martin – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Mayer – A Boy, A Dog, A Frog

Miles – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Milgrim – See Pip Point

Minarik – Little Bear

Miranda – To Market, To Market

Murphy – Elinor and Violet: The Story of Two  

    Naughty Chickens

Naylor – King of the Playground

Numeroff – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Mother Goose – My Very First Mother Goose

Pilkey – Dogzilla

Rathmann – 10 Minutes Till Bedtime

Rylant - Poppleton

Sendak – Where The Wild Things Are

Slate – Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for


Stoeke – Minerva Louise

Waddell – Owl Babies

Waddell – Farmer Duck

Wells – Mama, Don’t Go

Wells – Yoko

Winthrop – Dumpy La Rue

Yolen – How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

Zion – Harry the Dirty Dog