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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heal Farms Field Trip

On Friday, May 31 our class will be going back to Heal Farms to harvest the fruits and vegetables we planted in the fall. I want to remind everyone that they have appropriate free dress and they need to bring a lunch with them. Look for pictures to come sometime this weekend from the Field Trip.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outdoor Education Day 5 Going Home

Here is another set of pictures from Outdoor Ed. These are from the last morning. I might have one more album coming later this week of pictures from throughout the week. Enjoy!

Click on the image to view the album

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outdoor Education Day 4 Activities

Hello Everyone-
This will be my last post from up here at camp. I will continue to take pictures tomorrow but I will not have them posted until tomorrow evening. The kids were fantastic this week and they all had a great time. Everyone is very tired including me. Goodnight and Enjoy!!

Click on the picture to view the album

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outdoor Ed Day 3 Day and Evening Activities

Good Evening Everyone-
It has been an extremely long day so this will be a short post. I am including our 5th and 6th albums in this post. These will include everything I have from day 3. I went on the Night Hike tonight so I was not able to get pictures of everyone doing their evening activities.

Everyone is doing well but a little tired tonight (including me). The weather has been amazing and the kids are working so hard. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here is the Day 3 Day Activities Album

Click on the picture to view the album

Here is the Day 3 Evening Activities Album

Click on the picture to view the album

Outdoor Education Day 2 Evening Activities

Here is my fourth album of pictures from up here. Sorry it is a little late. This is from Tuesday night where the kids did one of the 3 different night time activities. I hope to post one more album later this evening however I am going on the night hike which means I might not get the post up until late this evening.

Everyone is doing great!!

Click on the picture to view the album

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outdoor Education Day 2

Hello Again Everyone-
So today was a very busy day for us up here. Ms. Novikoff and I went to the beach with a great group of students. We took a ton of pictures. I also gave a few camera out to some students who were staying back at camp to do some other activities. I have taken every picture and created an album of all our days events.

At the beach we were lucky enough to see some whales breaching. This was amazing. In all my years coming up here I have never seen anything like that. I did take some pictures of this so make sure you look at those. The weather was fantastic!

The kids are doing fantastic and having a blast. I am really proud of all of them. I am done posting for the night and will have more pictures up tomorrow around lunch time.

Mr. Williams

Click on the picture to view the album

Outdoor Education Day 1 Evening Activities

Here are some pictures from Monday nights activities. The students are broken into 3 groups. One group did Earth Dance where they learn different dance steps from around the world. The second group went to Ocean Odyssey which gets them ready for Beach Day. The final group goes on the night hike where we had a special treat this week. Can you guess what it is?  I will be posting more pictures later tonight once I have had time to upload them.

Mr. Williams

Click on the picture to view the album

Monday, May 6, 2013

Outdoor Education Day 1

Hello everyone-
So we just finished dinner so I am taking a minute to send off some pictures from the day so far. I will be at the beach tomorrow so I will not be able to get photos out until late tomorrow evening. Hope you enjoy.

Mr. Williams

Click on the picture to view the album.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outdoor Education Packing List and Other Stuff

Packing List
Needed Items
□ Sleeping Bag (or two blankets and sheets)
□ Pillow
□ Two pairs of shoes
□ Five pairs of socks
□ Five changes of underwear
□ Three T-shirts
□ Two Heavy cotton/flannel or wool shirts
□ Three pairs pants (jeans, cords, or heavy trousers)
□ One heavy jacket or coat (regardless of the weather)
□ Rain gear (no matter how sunny)
□ Cap or hat
□ Two pajamas or sweat pants
□ Swim suit (for showers)
□ Toilet Kit containing – 
    □ One bath towel
    □ One Washcloth
    □ Soap and Shampoo
    □ Comb or toothbrush
    □ Shower slippers or thongs

Recommended Optional Items
□ Letter writing materials
□ Pencil
□ Stationary
□ Stamps
□ Camera (Disposable are recommended)
□ Bath rope
□ Shorts
□ Gloves or mittens
□ Laundry Bag or Plastic garbage bag
□ Water Bottle
□ Day pack / back pack

Do Not Bring
 No hair dryer, curling irons or aerosols (hair spray)
□ No Money, jewelry, or valuables
□ No food, gum or candy
□No radios, iPods, electronic toys/games, cell phones
□No knives or hatchets

Important Information

Dates – Monday, May 6th thru Friday May 10th

Students must be here to check in at 8:00 on Monday. Students will go home when we return on Friday around 12:30. Please be here at that time.

Mailing Address
Student’s Name
Roosevelt School
San Mateo Outdoor Education
1100 Pescadero Road
La Honda, Ca 94020-9711

You can follow our trip with picture slide shows each day from our class website. (As long as the internet is working)