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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outdoor Education Packing List

Packing List
Needed Items
□ Sleeping Bag (or two blankets and sheets)
□ Pillow
□ Two pairs of shoes
□ Five pairs of socks
□ Five changes of underwear
□ Three T-shirts
□ Two Heavy cotton/flannel or wool shirts
□ Three pairs pants (jeans, cords, or heavy trousers)
□ One heavy jacket or coat (regardless of the weather)
□ Rain gear (no matter how sunny)
□ Cap or hat
□ Two pajamas or sweat pants
□ Swim suit (for showers)
□ Toilet Kit containing – 
    □ One bath towel
    □ One Washcloth
    □ Soap and Shampoo
    □ Comb or toothbrush
    □ Shower slippers or thongs

Recommended Optional Items
□ Letter writing materials
□ Pencil
□ Stationary
□ Stamps
□ Camera (Disposable are recommended)
□ Bath rope
□ Shorts
□ Gloves or mittens
□ Laundry Bag or Plastic garbage bag
□ Water Bottle
□ Day pack / back pack

Do Not Bring
 No hair dryer, curling irons or aerosols (hair spray)
□ No Money, jewelry, or valuables
□ No food, gum or candy
□No radios, iPods, electronic toys/games, cell phones
□No knives or hatchets

Important Information

Dates – Monday, May 19th thru Friday May 22nd

Students must be here to check in at 8:00 on Monday. Students will go home when we return on Thursday around 12:30. Please be here at that time.

Mailing Address
Student’s Name
Roosevelt School
San Mateo Outdoor Education
1100 Pescadero Road
La Honda, Ca 94020-9711

You can follow our trip with picture slide shows each day from our class website. (As long as the internet is working)

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